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dhokla recipe-Indian Rajasthani dhokla recipe

Dhokla Recipe rajsthani indian dhokla

Dhokla is a very well known dish in the Rajasthan state of India. There is a famous festival called Gangaur in India.
Which is celebrated in the month of March and Gangaur Puja is performed.
And Dhokla cuisine is made in the excitement of such a festival. And its enjoyment is offered to God.
Dhokla recipe is very simple. Hopefully, you will be able to make very tasty Dhokla by knowing this Rajasthani Dhokla recipe.
So let us tell you the complete process of the Dhokla recipe.

Ingredients for making Dhokla


Material required to make the casing for 3 to 4 members ➽

Wheat flour [gehu] ➽ 2 kg

celery ➽ 20 to 25 gram

Ghee ➽ 250 gram

Jaggery sorbet ➽ 1.5 to 2 kg according to need

The mix of ingredients for making

dhokla recipe part one-First of all, you have to put 2 kg wheat flour in a big pot and add celery in it.
The ghee is then matched and the flour is thoroughly mixed with celery and ghee.
Celery is added to enhance the taste of dhokla. And by adding ghee, Dhokla is not hard and soft in food.
After mixing them, you are added Jaggery sorbet to it, they are sweetened with Jaggery sorbet. And from this Jaggery sorbet, the dough is well kneaded.
After kneading the dough, apply some ghee on the dough so that it does not harden.


Method of preparation of dhokla

Now you come to the second phase of the Dhokla recipe. In this, you should make small balls of dough with both your hands.
Before preparing the balls, use flour balls and a little ghee on your hands so that the dough does not stick in your hands and the dhokla also becomes soft.


After this work is completed, press the dough ball between your hands.
By doing this, the dough ball becomes thick bread shaped.
After that, you make a hole in the middle of it with a finger so that Dhokla can be made quickly and thoroughly.


Method of cooking and placing

Dhokla Recipe Phase Three –

After this, you will have to use a round-shaped utensil. 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water have to be filled inside the vessel.
After filling the water in the pot, you have to prepare a net of sticks that should be above the water.
Water should not touch wood. It should be at least 4 to 5 inches apart between water and wood.

Wood trap

After preparing the wooden mesh, place the raw dhokla on top of the wooden mesh in such a way that the dhokla cannot touch each other nor touch the vessel.
Next, you have to prepare a trap on the dhoklas. Which is prepared from [bur]. [Bur] is a type of grass that enhances the aroma of Dhokla.
It is mainly found in Rajasthan. If you do not have this grass, then you just make a wooden net. And can also use fennel for fragrance.
Similarly, using wood or grass, prepare a net on top of one and place dhokla on it.
Take special care that the dhoklas do not touch each other or with the vessel.

[ Bur ] grass

After so much work, you put the pot on the stove and let the slow fire burn continuously.
You have to take special care of this. The lid of the vessel should be very strong so that the water vapor inside the vessel does not come out when the water inside the vessel is hot, for this, place an object of some weight on top of the vessel.
Because the dhoklas are cooked through water vapor.


The dhoklas are well cooked with water vapor due to continuous fire from 50 to 60 mints.
After that, you can remove the lid of the pot. And Swedish can enjoy the dhokla.
In Rajasthan, the practice of eating dhokla churma and mixing ghee in it is very common.
In this way, the dhokla tastes more. And four times, they become wonderful and wonderful.

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